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Fun Projects

3D Deformation [GitHub]

This is a class project for CSCI-5229 Computer Graphics. I implemented a standard ARAP deformation algorithm with OpenGL.

Kinect-based Character Animation [Project Site]

This is a class project for CSCI-7000 Technology for Sports and Play taught by Mark Gross. The goal of this project is to make an anmiation easier and more intuitive. To achieve this goal, I use a Kinect to detect the human motion and make a character animation by synchronizing with the body movement. You can find more details about this prototype here.

Easy Drawing Animation [Project Site]

This is just a fun prototype that turns hand-drawn sketch into kinetic animation based on the real-time face tracking.

Here is a concept video behind this idea.

You can find more details about this project here.

Object Recognition with CNN [GitHub]

This is a class project for CSCI-5722 Computer Vision. I implemented an object recognition and classification with the CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) trained with the ImageNet dataset. I adopt the VGG-16 neural network (ILSRC 2014 winner), which consists of 16 weight layers. By using this model, the program can automatically label the image (e.g., pig, computer screen, ruggby ball, toy poodle, etc) just like Google Photos.

Sift [GitHub]

Sift is an information visualization toolkit for non-programmers. Sift enables users to convert information on any website into JSON data simply by dragging the mouse, enabling them to visualize data without any coding experience.


Programming educational tool for GitHub code. Learning and teaching open source code with excerpting and assembling like LEGO blocks.

Interactive Video Tutorial

Interactive Video Tutorial allows you to learn programming interactively.

Information Visualization with D3.js [Demo]

The project in Information Visualization and Data Analysis hands-on workshop by Prof. Koji Yatani at University of Tokyo.

HTML5 Interactive Halloween VJ [Demo]

Interactive VJ (Video Jockey) for Halloween party. This is made for Google Web Music Hackathon, and Tech or Treat 2012 at Lab+Cafe.

Populi - Social Music App

iOS music player app with social recomendation powered by machine learning.

Bicycle Electricity Generator

As exhibition of University of Tokyo, I and colleagues developed bicycle power generator and real-time power monitor with Arduino and Node.js

Automated Plant Watering

This is an automated watering device with remote monitoring of plant moisture levels, one of the projects developed in Mitakalab. This was built with a combination of different technologies such as Arduino, Node.js, WebSocket, as well as agricultural knowledge.

Mitakalab [Website]

With coorporation of University of Tokyo Center of Innovation, I launched Mitakalab community, which provides the place where everybody can learn to code and create innovation.

NASA Space App Challenge

I and colleagues joined the International Space Apps Challenge and developed some application wchich utilize a lot of crator images provided by NASA. We were proudly honored as the prize winner by Japanese astrronaut Naoko Yamazaki.


Samenos is an oline portfolio service for artists, illustrators, and designers.