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My name is Ryo Suzuki. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at University of Colorado Boulder, Human-Centered Computing lab, working with Tom Yeh and Mark D. Gross.

Recent Updates

2016-12-16: Our paper for L@S 2017 has been accepted.

2016-12-12: Our paper for ICSE 2017 has been accepted.

2016-05-23: I’ll be working at UC Berkeley with Bjoern Hartmann this summer.

2016-05-10: I and Niloufar present Atelier at CHI'16. Here is the slide. Our work is also featured in the media.

2016-01-15: Our paper for CHI 2016 has been accepted.

2015-10-01: I will serve as a web and social media chair for UIST 2016


L@S'17: Writing Reusable Code Feedback at Scale with Mixed-Initiative Program Synthesis (To appear)

ICSE'17: Learning Syntactic Program Transformations from Examples
Reudismam Rolim, Gustavo Soares, Loris D’Antoni, Oleksandr Polozov, Sumit Gulwani, Rohit Gheyi, Ryo Suzuki, and Bjoern Hartmann. [arXiv] (To appear)

CHI'16: Atelier: Repurposing Expert Crowdsourcing Tasks as Micro-internships
Ryo Suzuki, Niloufar Salehi, Michelle S. Lam, Juan C. Marroquin, and Michael S. Bernstein. [PDF] [Video Preview] [Slide] [ACM DL] [arXiv]


Work in Progress

UIST'15 Poster:
Daemo: a Self-Governed Crowdsourcing Marketplace. [PDF]

CHI'15 Workshop Paper:
Toward a Community Enhanced Programming Education. [PDF] [Workshop Website]

ICSE'15 Poster:
Interactive and Collaborative Source Code Annotation. [PDF]

Research Experience

August, 2015 — Current
CU Boulder, HCC Group, working with Tom Yeh and Mark D. Gross

May, 2016 — August, 2016
UC Berkeley, BiD Lab, working with Bjoern Hartmann

May, 2015 — August, 2015
Stanford University, HCI Group, working with Michael Bernstein

October, 2014 — May, 2015
University of Tokyo, IIS Lab, working with Koji Yatani

December, 2014 — March, 2015
AIST, Media Interaction Group, working with Jun Kato

Research Interest

My main research interest is in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). More specifically: Design Tools, Personal Fabrication, 3D Printing, Prototyping Toolkit, Online Learning



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